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Visual & UX Designer

Brand identity

Building a brand identity is important so that people always want to revisit your brand. This is a multi-disciplinary strategy where every element supports the overall message and goals of your brand.


The first impression is very important for your visitors. Your website is a way to communicate your business proposition and identity. With competition growing in every corner, visitors have lots of other options to work with nowadays.

Designing for print

Touchpoint strategy is necessary for the consumers to interact with a company across multiple channels. An effective touchpoint will create an opportunity for the client or costumer to choose your brand over another competitor.


Some of my lastest work


Catalog Design

Giga Fan

Magento Webdesign



Design for print

logo design



Magento Webdesign


Petition Website


Jim Tsang

Jim Tsang

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Starting in 2004 at the Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Jim has learned the fine art for designing print and digital media. At this moment, Jim is studying Communication Multimedia Design at Avans university of applied sciences in Breda.

My current challenge is learning Sketch, a design tool for the modern UI designers.
I am enthusiastic about the flexibility and features that Sketch has to offer to work more efficiently!


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